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Having a team meeting, kickoff or retreat?  Give Gary 15 min. to 2 hours on the agenda, and get the team fired up and into action mode!  You can also pick a specific topic and focus in on a problem or opportunity area.  Gary can get the attendees involved in the topic and in breakouts.  

Some potential topics:

  • Accelerating your sales and marketing pipeline, including velocity improvement and dashboard development.
  • Teambuilding and team culture utilizing concepts from the books “How Google Works’ and/or ‘Energy Bus’.
  • Operations workshop focusing on achieving 99% customer retention, profit improvement ideas, metrics tracking, and streamlining opportunities.
  • Putting in a formal People-Planning process that supports your strategic plans, based on Emerson’s world-renown program for managing its key leader career paths.
  • Growth Cube planning will unlock the growth ideas and provide focus to your most important growth initiatives.  Based on Gary’s 6 key dimensions of Growth.

Gary will customize a speaking engagement or workshop to fit your company and your team.  Here is a list of 20 workshops to give you more ideas on potential topics!


Gary’s Book is being used in High School and College Classrooms!

For the past 4 years, Gary has been actively working with high school students and the DECA program.  One school district purchased Gary’s books for their DECA classes, The Growth Cube, as their class textbook for the year!
Speaking of working with high school students, Gary recently had the honor to keynote the commencement at my high school Alma Mater, Ashtabula St. John!
How can Gary help you bring across positivity to your team – to help them see that they can overcome challenges and take advantage of the power and potential within them!
Team Speaking Engagements are conducted in team-oriented brainstorming fashion utilizing breakouts and we make sure to get involvement.  We also leave with action plans.  Let Gary help  you get everyone motivated around a theme and reinforce some of the ideas you are trying to implement with your team!

Group Motivational Talks

Ask Gary about his newest talk: ‘The Song, the Shirt, and the Book’!

 Gary speaks to faith and support groups on ‘How to Overcome Major Life Challenges’.  Speeches range from 15-40 minutes and the goal is to inspire the audience about the need to develop all facets of their life (professional, mental, spiritual, and physical).  Gary’s most recent talk (‘The Song, the Shirt, and the Book’) helped to pick up a group of cancer patients and those who care for them – at the Zangmeister Center in Columbus, Ohio!

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