Utilizing a Coach to Take Your Business To Higher Levels!

Many companies want to grow faster than they are today, but how do they do it, specifically?  The following 3-phase approach has helped my customers accomplish accelerated growth – many times achieving 30+% core business growth in just months.  It includes the use of a coach in the process to help make it happen:


Developing a focused strategy and having established and agreed priorities with your leadership team, is important.  I see so many opportunities in my customers’ businesses; so many impact programs that we can implement.  And leadership teams have ideas too, so there are many ideas on the table to discuss and work through.  Sometimes the strategy is in one person’s head, and the rest of the team is not pushing in the same direction.  I provide a framework that gives focus and energy around strategy planning. We define and clarify the strategy together as a leadership team.  We utilize my Growth Cube model to help accomplish this step as it provides a proven framework and a strategy roadmap for a service, software or technology business.  The strategy can be clarified with the team within several weeks, and if it makes sense depending on the size of the company, can culminate into a company-wide kickoff meeting where the strategy, focus and priorities are communicated and discussed with all employees. But the result should be a strategy that is written down, communicated and agreed with the team.  It should be revisited every 6-12 months with your business coach.


When the company strategy and growth priorities are defined, and everyone is pushing in the same direction in the company, I leverage my experience and my passion and my network to help make higher revenue growth happen.  When I stay involved with my customers through Phase 2, we get results.  Many of my customers are now growing over 30+% organically (without acquisition).  So, I become a valuable part-time leadership resource for the team.  I do whatever it takes to help the CEO and the business succeed – mostly in the areas of sales, marketing, pricing and new product/service development.  I personally provide and develop tools and models and processes that get built into the sales and marketing fabric of the company.  I have personally engaged in partnerships for my customer and have recruited or worked with a recruiter to bring on new hires within my customer accounts utilizing my Critical Success Factor hiring process.  Some of my customers want my help with acquisitions and partnerships and I can help drive these somewhat auxiliary efforts, so the team can focus on the core business.  Consistent and ongoing 30+% organic revenue growth does not just happen – it takes focus and effort.  A coach can help the business stay consistently on this 30+% track.


30+% organic revenue growth for an established business is significant – but bringing home the profitability and cash flow from that growth is even more vital.  New levels of growth can create chaos that forces you to deliver like you have always delivered in the past.  But it most likely requires new ways of thinking and creative and lower-cost ways to deliver solutions.  Can you tell me how well you operated the business last month?  How do you know?  Do we need to add resources?  Can we partner?  Can we streamline our processes or reduce other costs?  Do we need new technology?  We had significant new customer success at one of my customers, but delivery and operational issues were causing us to lose those same customers at contract renewal.  This is an operational issue that needs fixed. Operational issues arise because we have not focused on the operation with the same intensity that we put on revenue growth.

The bottom line is this:   Many companies set high-growth goals.  But it takes a coordinated team effort, executing a well-defined plan – and sometimes a coach – to get the results to happen.  I have found that the 3-phased growth approach above works!  It can provide a road map that delivers significant positive impact and can help take you and your business all the way to the top!

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