Leadership, Growth, and Your Next Step

Being a CEO myself, and having worked with and coached many other CEOs, I have learned this about leaders:  You want to grow your company.  You want to climb to the top of your market.

But how do you specifically get this done?

I know you want more for your business and for your team.  I have felt the challenge that you feel in trying to achieve greatness.  Also like you, I have felt the customer excitement and the associate enthusiasm that propel us forward as leaders when we are successful!

‘It’s easier to trim and optimize and cut costs than to figure out something new. 

What firms need from their CEOs is growth.”

Boston Consulting Group

Everyone reading this article has intricate and deep knowledge and skill that has helped you get to where you are right now in your career.  But beyond the ideas we all have, it takes two other major steps to advance and succeed:

  1. Prioritize your top ideas into a series of steps
  2. Execute successfully on those steps within your team

It all starts with you setting the tone, building the team and inspiring pursuit of challenging goals.

I often meet with CEOs who sincerely want to take their company to the next level, and they can do it – it is right there within their grasp!  Why do some leaders move forward with courage and run towards the always-changing events, changing technology, and changing dynamics in their market?  I have taken the time to think this through a little bit more, to write it down and share it with others in my book, in workshops, and in my CEO coaching!

In helping others, one thing I realize myself is that I have not had a storybook career.  I have made mistakes at every level of my career. From the first time I took on the role of managing other people, to running a global services organization for a Fortune 500 company, to leading two family-owned software companies, and most recently leading a new technology startup to market.  Early on, I realized the blessings of not just my successes, but also of learning from my mistakes.

The people on your team want you to be an awesome leader. 

They would love to follow your passion, but something you are doing could be holding them back.

I believe the requirements for an all-star CEO have changed.  Businesses need CEOs who are gifted at setting and executing on ambitious goals, anchored on the core business, and who can effectively motivate people and teams.

The challenge that we face as leaders is seeing the whole business, prioritizing our focus, and executing.  We see a lot of issues, and we see a lot of opportunities.  We cannot get to them all, so what do we focus on?  The right decision here can unlock the growth potential of your company.  The bottom line: If you can establish a process that can provide a road map to bring everything together and make your path forward clear, you can take your business all the way to the top!

Ready to explore your potential? 

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