Article – 2 Big Customer Loyalty Marketing Ideas

Business people with their leader

Here is a simple question to answer in your strategic planning: “Specifically which sales and marketing programs will have the biggest impact in getting us back on a growth track with current customers in the coming year?” Here are two ideas focus on building all-important customer advocates! IDEA 1. FOCUS ON DELIVERING HIGH QUALITY SALES […]

Article – Customer Account Management and The Raving Fan Triangle

Business People Analyzing Statistics Business Documents, Financial Accounting Concept.

So you have a strong Customer Support department, and you have an excellent Customer Success Manager involved in your accounts.  And you are focusing on traction and open tickets and escalations, and on new products your Customers may able to use.  But something is missing.  The relationship with your Customers is just not where you […]

Article – Making your Customers Raving Fans

Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by more than 25%. Part of that is because customers who love your current products and services, will want to buy your new products and new services. They want more of what you offer!  And that is why the success rate of selling […]

Article – How Do You Know If Your Customers Are Raving Fans?

Communicative man calling customer

Ever see a Buckeye fan at an Ohio State game in the 4th quarter.  How about a fan supporting Barcelona in the second half of the UEFA championship? What if our Customers felt this way about our company? Brand loyalty is at risk with digital technologies enabling Customers to easily research and switch to a […]

Video Workshop 2.1 – Making Your Customers Raving Fans

The Growth Cube

If we can dedicate more of our leadership time into the areas that drive our customer’s success and inspiration, and invest in the people and solutions that can help solve our customer’s challenges, we will unlock the growth potential of our company. This workshop lesson is part of the 2nd Dimension of the Growth Cube, […]

Article – The Story of Louie Cacchioli

I met a guy last week. An inspiring young man. A motivated and responsive employee. His name was Louie Cacchioli. Louie is pictured above in his New York City fireman’s gear. He was a NYC fireman at 9/11 and yes, he was in the tower and saved people’s lives. And he almost died doing it. […]

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