Gary ran the 2019 Columbus Half-Marathon – ‘It’s about Raising Spirits, Raising Money, and Raising Awareness!



If you pick up some of Gary’s tweets on track and field, it’s because he is the home Track & Field announcer for Division 1 Olentangy Liberty Patriots High School.  Each season, Gary announces 5-6 home meets including a state level competitive meet featuring 8 mens and 8 womens teams – the best in Central Ohio.  Gary has also announced at major track events, like the Hilliard Premier, where Gary called the 2nd fastest 800M race in the history of Ohio.  One of the top runners in the state recently said that Gary made him proud to run track and field at their school.  Gary’s goal in announcing is always the same – to inspire the fans, coaches and athletes!

Gary was was recently asked by his alma mater high school, Ashtabula St. John (yes, same school as Urban Meyer) to do the commencement speech.  What an honor and opportunity to reach young people.  Ask for a copy of Gary’s summary of his talk: ‘9 Tips for the Graduating Senior‘.

Olentangy School District has had a 4-year relationship with Gary.  Their Olentangy Berlin DECA marketing class bought copies of Gary’s book, The Growth Cube, to use instead of a text book for marketing.  (DECA students are the ‘Best of the Best’ high school marketers).  Gary put together lesson plans for the teacher to guide them through the class and to inspire discussion about growing businesses.  Teacher and Coach Mike Weaver is leading a new trend where real world books are being used in classrooms instead of traditional text books.  Here is a tweet from the school – and another recent!

In 2019, Gary was recognized at the annual Olentangy District Recognition Ceremony for his contribution to the students, schools, and community.  It just proves that if you have passion for something and work hard at that craft and lay it all out there – your enthusiasm is contagious and will inspire others!



In 2019, Gary took on the Columbus Half-Marathon and was highly successful and inspirational!  Gary was teamed together with his young friend Maelee.  In the last 10 years, Gary has run 15 half-marathons and 10 marathons!   He keeps going because he is motivated to inspire young children have cancer; who need our support to fight back and win and beat their challenge.  Hopefully the in-person Columbus Marathon will be back in 2021!

At the 2017 Marathon, Gary ran for his 11-year old friend Jake.  Jake wanted to give back to help others, and we wanted to help him.  In 2016, Gary ran to help his 13-year old friend Melanie, who is currently battling against multiple tumors in her body – she cannot be stopped.  We love her slogan ‘Fight Like a Girl’, she inspires younger girls who look up to her!  In 2015, Gary ran for his little Patient Champion Caroline (now cancer free!) and her butterfly – that was the year that Gary broke 4 hours and ran his fastest Marathon (3:58; (9:05/mile pace)). The prior year Gary ran for his young friend Ian, who is also cancer free and a motivating young man.  Gary was recently featured for his effort and contribution to the marathon Childrens Champion program by the Columbus CEO magazine.

“As fierce as it is, cancer is actually a blessing.  It gives us the inner strength and the platform to inspire others by the way we live our life.”


PICS: Haley Dominique at Childrens Hospital thanks us for our fund-raising efforts at the Columbus Marathon.  We have consistently been in the top 5 individual fund-raiser running at the marathon each year!  Also see pics of the true heroes – Patient Champions Ian, Caroline, Melanie, Jake, and this year’s Champion – Maelee.  

“When you have been there and you tell someone fighting cancer, ‘You can beat this’, the connection is on a different level.

Minnesota Head Coach P.J. Fleck

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