From the Voice of Gary’s Customers:

“Gary has held President and CEO level roles at several successful companies, and I’m very fortunate to have him directly involved in growing our business.  Gary’s enthusiasm, energy and the depth of his knowledge base have had a lasting financial impact on our company.”

David Braughler, CEO


‘I highly recommend Gary as you embark on your entrepreneurial or corporate leadership journey. Gary has been instrumental in helping me craft my vision into messaging that is simple to understand, and has helped me develop contracts, business processes and proposals that have been crucial to the advancement of my nonprofit’s mission. Being a person of deep faith, I am especially grateful for Gary’s heart to provide coaching services that are rooted in the Christian values we both share. I’m blessed to not only call Gary a mentor, but a highly valued friend!”

Marisa Maxey, CEO



“Gary is my go-to executive for leadership content. Listening to his advice about what it takes to lead a great company is a must!”

Elio Harmon, CEO

“Gary has been a game changer for me and my work. He is by far the best business coach I have ever had. He delivers every time on goals set, he is extremely organized, and a master at financials. I am extremely satisfied with the outcomes he has helped me to achieve and for the first time since starting my company 10 years ago, I feel like things are definitely progressing to the next level!”

Patricia Demetriou, President and Founder


“Gary is founder and CEO of several successful businesses and is a respected leader in the community. I retained Gary as a business coach for my business, and it was his coaching that helped me package and sell my company to a larger entity. Through this relationship and our success together, Gary has become a good friend that I still depend on for solid advice today. If you are a company leader looking for growth, new ideas and energy, Gary may be able to help you like he helped me.”

Doug Davidson, CEO


“Best coach ever!”

Kimberly Jones, CEO

“Gary is someone who is positive & encouraging and will challenge you with ideas and tools that will keep your company moving forward.” 

Matt Yerkes, CEO

“I TRULY appreciate Gary’s guidance, assistance, willingness to help and more importantly his sincere listening ear. He has given me back a smile in my heart that I recently lost with the passing of my dad and has helped me to regain my confidence.”

Camille Cook, CEO

“As I built our company, Gary guided us through our early stages of growth, and personally helped me to be a more complete CEO.  Gary’s background leading software and SaaS companies is invaluable. And his ability to work not only with a technical leader like me, but with my team as well – has helped me to develop a stronger company.”

Nathan Romano, CEO

“Gary’s coaching played an instrumental role in equipping me with the tools I needed to reach the next step in my career journey. I highly recommend Gary to anyone looking for assistance in developing their interviewing, resume building, and networking skills.”

Johnathan Mahler, Senior Account Manager  

“If you’re looking for a great coach, look no further.”

Danius Williams, CEO

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Small Business CEO Coaching

As a small business leader, you sometimes feel alone – like it’s only you fighting the battle.  What if you had a business coach – someone who has succeeded as a CEO themselves – to work along with you?  Utilizing proven tools outlined in Gary’s new book, The Growth Cube, Gary will bring ideas, energy, and an extra set of hands to help you get things done.  Together, we unlock the growth potential of your company!



Startup Coaching

Do you have a startup idea and cannot figure out how to move it forward with any momentum? Do you need investors and not sure how to make that happen? Or maybe you have already launched your startup and it is not moving at the pace you want.  Engage with Gary to clarify your direction, define a funding strategy, add team members, and give you the energy to move your startup business at much faster pace!



Career Coaching

Ready to take the next step in your career and professional development.  Gary will work with you to set targets for improvement and change, and then help guide you in taking the rights steps to achieve your next-level career goals!


Get Career Advice