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Many businesses want to grow faster or more profitably than they are today, but how do they do it, specifically? 

Did you know there are 6 dimensions of growing a company? The Growth Cube, using the 6 sides of a cube to explain how to grow your company in 6 different important ways, can unlock the growth potential of your company, and set your business on a new trajectory of growth.

Read this blog ‘6 Key dimensions of Growth and this will help you learn more about the Growth Cube model.

This proven Growth Cube model, you will follow a phased approach to accomplish accelerated growth.  Every company is different so every approach is customized.  But the results we are achieving many times are sustaining 30+% consistent core business growth.

As a 5-time successful CEO, Gary can relate to your challenges and give you new ideas and energy to overcome them; and he can help you uncover and go after new opportunities to build the business successfully!
REFRESH STRATEGY AND IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES – We review your current business, where you would like to go, and what is holding you back.  We audit your business across 6 key dimensions of Growth (Winning New Customers, Keeping Current Customers, Expanding to New Markets, Building a Growth Culture, Launching New Products and Services, Leadership and Financial). We define and clarify the strategy together. We utilize The Growth Cube model to help accomplish this step as it is a proven framework for growing a service, software or technology business.
GET MORE TRACTION AND ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS – When the company strategy and growth priorities are defined, and everyone on the team supports the direction of the company, we work together to execute more successfully for customers and potential customers.  We not only position you for higher levels of profitable growth, but we plan for news ways to deliver your products and services more effectively at those new levels of growth.

LET’S DRIVE FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE HIGHER – Many of Gary’s customers are growing over 30+% organically (without acquisition). 30+% organic revenue growth for an established business is a great start, but bringing home the profitability and cash flow from that growth is even more vital.  We will succeed at this together!


Check out Gary’s recent blog:  ‘Utilizing a Coach to Take Your Business To Higher Levels! – this might give you some ideas for an initial discussion with Gary.

Inspiring Your Company is about realizing the full potential of your business.  We provide the spark you need to move things forward!

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