1. BRING POSITIVITY: Never underestimate your impact as a leader. People are looking at you and they need you. Bring positivity to every interaction.  (This was my mom’s special gift to me)

2. SEEK COURAGE: Courage is the greatest value required to be a great leader. Not only courage to take on challenges, but the courage to pursue new frontiers and accomplish things you never thought you could.  Courage is not about you – it’s about inspiring others.

3. GIVE THE GIFT OF HOPE: When you overcome the challenges you face in life, you will be confident and prepared to help others overcome their challenges.  When you are worried about yourself, focus on others.  Soon the fear will be gone!  Romans 5:3-5.

4. GOD IS FIRST: I am second. Believe in yourself because God has a plan especially for you, is working with you right now, and will always take care of you.

5. RUN HARD: Do not look backward at all the great things you accomplished. Look forward. Be open to learning. Keep pushing the envelope!

Existing Businesses

As a small business leader, you sometimes feel alone – like it’s only you fighting the battle.  What if you had a business coach – someone who has succeeded as a CEO themselves – to work along with you?  Utilizing proven tools outlined in Gary’s new book, The Growth Cube, Gary will bring ideas, energy, and an extra set of hands to help you get things done.  Together, Gary can help you unlock the growth potential of your company!


Startup Businesses

Do you have a bunch of startup ideas – and can’t figure out which ones offer the most potential?  Or have you already launched your new business – and it is not moving at the pace you want.  Engage with Gary to clarify your direction, define a funding strategy, add team members, and give you the energy to move your startup business at much faster pace!

Help Me Startup!

Career Coaching

Ready to take the next step in your career and professional development.  Gary will work with you to set targets for improvement and change, and then help guide you in taking the rights steps to achieve your next-level career goals!

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